Thanksgiving Blessings

On this “secular” holiday, infused as it is with such profoundly religious meaning, we should really take some time to reflect on the fact that the Greek word from which we derive the word “Eucharist” is rendered “Thanksgiving” in English. The Catechism reminds us that, “The inexhaustible richness of this sacrament is expressed in the different names we give it. Each name evokes certain aspects of it. It is called: Eucharist, because it is an action of thanksgiving to God. The Greek words eucharistein and eulogein recall the Jewish blessings that proclaim God’s works: creation, redemption, and sanctification.” – CCC #1328

How appropriate. In that Sacrament of Sacraments, we receive Jesus Christ in His fullness, the greatest gift of the Father. And, we are called to give thanks. In the words of the Apostle Paul to the early Christians we are reminded to “Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing. In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.” – 1 Thessalonians. 5:16-18 One of the ways Christians do this is to become people who choose to live our lives for others. When we give thanks we learn to love.

Today, the Church calls her faithful sons and daughters to give thanks in her Liturgy. St. Teresa was fond of saying “We will not learn how to love if we are not grateful.” The Readings for the Mass for Thanksgiving call us to gratitude. Jesus, in His Sacred humanity, shows us how to live a life of gratitude and, through the gift of Himself, makes it all possible.

As we give thanks, we discover how to be faithful to our call to continue the redemptive mission of Jesus Christ, Love Incarnate, in an age hungering for the fullness of God’s love. We are called to give thanks and we are called to love with the very Love of God in which all human love is revealed and through which all human love is perfected.

Please consider joining us in our school-wide service projects and continuing SUCCESS program this coming Advent, in support of those in need (see flier below). May the love of the Holy Family shine through you as we celebrate this Thanksgiving.

Pax et Bonum,

Sue Styren

Happy Birthday Mother Mary

This morning we were blessed to have Fr. Len from Pope St. Pius X here on campus to serve mass at 9:30 am on the green. Our fabulous choir performed for the first time today, and with only one formal rehearsal, they were great. Thank you so much to the families and parishioners that continue to join us on Wednesdays for mass. I had the privilege of visiting the primary classrooms this morning and was delighted to see our first graders handmade birthday cards for the Blessed Virgin. As Fr. Len reminded us all at mass, we are one family in Christ, with Mary as our heavenly mother. As such it is so important that we treat each other with love and kindness as Christ asks us – to love one another. This community in Christ is what will sustain us throughout our lives.

Speaking of community, St. Thomas the Apostle parish has reached out seeking people to help straighten up the pew missals and Mass cards after each Mass at St. Thomas. This would be a great service opportunity for children and their parents to help one of our supporting parishes. We are extending this invitation to our HFCS families to stay a couple minutes after Mass to help straighten up. This is a great, age appropriate way for the children to help and serve, giving them an opportunity for personal investment in their home parish. If you are a parishioner for St. George or Pope St. Pius X take a moment after mass to see if there is some way you too may be of service for your parish. Together we can make our Tri-Parish community beautiful.

Volunteering is a special gift we can all give our communities. God has provided each of us with special talents meant to be shared. HFCS will be recruiting volunteers in the coming days. As parents we are asked to give 30 volunteer hours a year in support of school projects. Some families give in excess of their required 30 hours – God bless you! Start thinking about where you might share your talents. Here’s a short list of some areas in which you and your family can be of service this year:

  • Morning/Lunch Recess Duty
  • Office Help
  • Primary school classroom aide
  • Grandmother Program (fostering literacy in the primary grades)
  • Scrip Sellers (at your home parish)
  • Volunteer Appreciation Coordinator
  • Writing Grants
  • Accredidation team member
  • Kitchen Aide/Support
  • Success Phoneathon
  • Auction Support
  • Athletic Director
  • Volleyball Coach
  • Basketball Coach
  • Cross-country/Track Coach
  • Vacuum – Classrooms, Hallways, Offices, and Library (1x a week)
  • Cleaning Restrooms (1x a week)

See something that intrigues you? Give us a call, we’d love to discuss how we can team together to make HFCS better and better every year.

Pax et Bonum.

Sue Styren

Principal, Holy Family Catholic School