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Why Support HFCS

Holy Family Catholic School is a diocesan school affiliated with our three local parishes, St. George’s Parish, Pope St. Pius X, and St. Thomas the Apostle, but we do not receive direct financial support from these parishes or the Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise. 

We strive to keep our tuition affordable for our families and remain committed to ensuring that every family can attend our school regardless of their ability to pay tuition.  We host fundraisers, seek grants, build partnerships, encourage volunteerism, and spend responsibly to ensure every dollar counts.  Please consider sharing your time, talent, treasure, and prayers with Holy Family Catholic School!

Easy Ways to Give


Holy Family’s SCRIP Gift Card Program is a great way to help raise money for the school, and it costs you nothing extra! 

Box Tops

Clip and save Box Tops coupons from General Mills products, drop them off at the office or mail them to the school, and we will submit them to General Mills. 

Fred Meyer Rewards

Enroll or link your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to Holy Family Catholic School so that every time you shop and use your rewards card, our school earns a donation! Visit Fred Meyer and enter NPO# SM323.

Office Max

Make a purchase of qualifying Office Max school supplies, provide our school ID (70029384) at checkout, and we will receive 5% back in credits for free supplies!


Discover all of the ways parents and friends of Holy Family can get involved in activities both in and out of the classroom. 

Adopt a Hawk

Let a child know that someone cared enough to help give them the gift of Catholic education.

Philanthropy at HFCS


An endowment is a permanent fund comprised of a gift which, when invested, generates interest income that becomes a funding source for a designated purpose in perpetuity.  Creating an endowment fund for Holy Family Catholic School will provide a lasting gift that will support our mission to promote excellence in education—both spiritually and academically—for the whole person, thereby nourishing the gifts uniquely given to each by God.

Memorials & Honoraria

Honor or remember a friend or loved one with a gift that deepens their relationship with our faith community and forever connects them to the generations of children who will walk the halls of Holy Family Catholic School.

Honorarium:  Honor someone special while they are still living with an honorarium gift to HFCS.

Memorial:  Preserve the memory of a deceased family member or friend through a memorial gift to HFCS.

Your honorarium or memorial includes a personalized card sent to the honoree or deceased person’s family, as well as their name displayed on our donor wall.

Please call (208)765-4327 or email us for more information or to make a gift.

Matching Gifts

Many employers provide a corporate match for their employees’ charitable gifts. Direct your matching gift to Holy Family, and you are recognized for the total donation amount plus the employer match. If you have retired from a company or currently serve on a board, don’t forget to see if your company matches your gift to Holy Family.

Thank you, in advance, for multiplying the impact of your gift to Holy Family Catholic School.

If you have questions or need assistance, please get in touch with Lee Lamb at 208-765-4327.

Success Donor Club

Thank you for your interest in donating to this very important fundraiser for our school.  Your gift to SUCCESS funds student scholarships to help ensure that every child seeking a Catholic education is able to have one, regardless of the family’s financial means. Donate today by clicking here or share our fundraiser with a friend.

Idaho Education Tax Credit

Idaho has a unique tax credit opportunity specifically for contributions to schools. Gifts to Holy Family Catholic School qualify for a 50% tax credit (a reduction in the actual tax you owe). If you itemize your taxes, a donation to Holy Family allows income tax deductions on your state and federal returns, plus a 50% Idaho income tax credit for up to $500 for individuals and $1000 for couples filing jointly.

  • Idaho Married Couples filing jointly may take up to 50 percent of a $2,000 gift (a tax credit of $1,000)

  • Idaho Individuals may take up to 50 percent of a $1,000 gift (a tax credit of $500)

  • Idaho Corporations may take up to 50 percent of a $10,000 gift (a tax credit of $5,000)

To maximize the impact of the Idaho education tax credit, consider a multi-year pledge. A gift of $10,000, given in increments of $2,000 per year over five years, would be an actual cost of only $1,720 during this entire five-year period.

Become A Donor

Lee Lamb – Advancement Director

3005 W. Kathleen Ave.
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815


Abundant blessings.

Those are the words that come to mind whenever I step into the halls at Holy Family Catholic School.  They are most evident in the faces of our dedicated teachers and staff, our enthusiastic parent and grandparent volunteers, our devoted priests, our loyal supporters and, most importantly, our smiling, thriving students.

Families in North Idaho clearly want what Holy Family offers:  a loving, vibrant community coupled with an educational experience that promotes academic excellence built on the principles of leadership, moral development, and service.  Community is a cornerstone of HFCS; the viability of our school and the success of our students depends upon the willingness of our families, alumni, parish friends, and the local community to come together as one on behalf of Catholic education.

Everyone has a gift to share, whether it’s volunteering in the lunchroom, donating to our annual campaign, or simply praying for our school.  Your gifts of time, talent, treasure, and prayer make a lasting impact on our students that reaches beyond the school campus and into our parishes, the local community, and the world, laying a foundation for our students that helps them reach their full potential and prepares them for eternal life.

Please contact me with questions or for more information on how you can become part of the Holy Family Catholic School community.

Pax et Lux,

Lee Lamb
Development Director
“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” – St. Teresa of Calcutta
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