Technology in the Classroom

Holy Family has a defined technology curriculum of skills and expectations for each grade level. This curriculum is based on the belief that technology is a tool for classroom instruction and research. Our technology curriculum is therefore integrated into the different subject areas to complement curriculum areas and enhance our students’ communication skills.

Each classroom has Viewsonic Interactive Whiteboards, document cameras, and iPads. Teachers use instructional software to enhance each classroom’s learning environment.

Students in grades Preschool through 2 have access to 2-in-1 Chromebooks, iPads, and Kindles from our mobile lab of devices. The Internet is available in all classrooms and instructional areas of the school. Students can also furnish their own devices—such as iPads, Kindles, and laptops—to support their instruction once the family accepts the personal device policy.

Students in grades 3-8 receive their own Chromebook for use at school. Students regularly use this technology in the classroom and at home, from collaborating and creating documents on Google Docs, submitting answers on Kahoot, and taking on structured project research. The secure Google domain, Network Firewall, and content filter protect students from outside interference. Netop Vision software allows teachers to view every screen that students access.

"Young people especially are rapidly adapting to the computer culture and to its "language." This is surely a cause for satisfaction. Let us "trust the young." ...They have had the advantage of growing with the new developments, and it will be their duty to employ these new instruments for a wider and more intense dialogue among all the diverse races and classes who share this shrinking globe." 

- Pope John Paul II

technology highlights
HFCS is preparing students to utilize technology to support curriculum, enhance learning, and enrich the academic environment.

  • ViewSonic Interactive Whiteboards in every classroom
  • iPad and Chromebook 1:1 device program grades K-8
  • Google Classroom enabled courses
  • Online Learning: Renaissance, IXL, and Rosetta Stone
  • 3D Printers
  • Robotics
  • Circuitry

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Technology throughout HFCS

Innovation Lab

Holy Family’s innovation lab opened in the 2022-23 school year and is equipped with many STREAM-focused technology hardware, software, and resources for our students and faculty members. All the way from 3D printers to robotics, our innovation lab enables our students to gain hands-on experience related to their future careers in STREAM focused fields like engineering, healthcare, architecture and so many more.

Classroom Technology

All classrooms throughout the campus have mobile interactive whiteboards so that teachers may conduct lessons from their computers, laptop, or tablet. Teachers also have digital 4K document cameras which can be used to magnify and broadcast small-scale activities such as science lab experiments to the entire class either in-person or in a hybrid learning environment.


FACTS is the school’s primary student information management tool. Faculty, staff, students, and parents can interface with FACTS online via desktop and mobile devices. This resource can be used to access a student’s current grade, look up homework assignments, view the school calendar, and much more.

Internet Connectivity

The entirety of our campus has access to our high-speed fiber internet which includes 3 different  wireless networks – one guest network which is publically accessible for parents and visitors, one for staff and faculty devices, and lastly, a much more restrictive network for our students chromebook and personal devices to keep them safe while browsing the internet. Strict network security measures and active content filters are in use on all machines on campus to ensure that inappropriate content does not interfere with the academic use of technology.

Technology Curriculum

Holy Family Catholic School has adopted the ISTE standards for administrator, teacher, and student technology proficiencies.  More information can be found here.

Much emphasis is placed on using technology to assist student learning. Learn more about Brandon Fowlkes, our Technology Coordinator.