Title 1

What is Title I?

Title I is a federally funded program that provides reading enrichment for students performing near or below grade level. The goal is to help your child become a successful reader by providing lessons to reinforce reading strategies.

The program at HFCS services students in grades K-5 with Title I Teacher(s) and regular classroom teachers working together to meet the needs of identified students. Title I teachers provide the necessary tools and knowledge to support your child to become a proficient reader.

Highly Qualified Status

Our Title I teacher meets “Highly Qualified” status as required by the Federal Government. As a parent, you have a right to request information regarding the professional qualifications of your child’s teachers.

Request Information


Success at Holy Family Catholic School

Parents are a vital link for success in school. We encourage parents to build strong parent/school relationships through effective communication, attending school conferences, and assisting at home to develop good study habits. We ask parents to contact their child’s teacher(s) with any questions about progress.

For more information regarding our Title 1 program at Holy Family Catholic School please contact: Mrs. Jana Holter, Vice Principal & Director Multi-Tiered Student Support (MTSS) or visit www.idahoschools.org.

CDA District Policy 508.12


Title I Goal

The Goal of the Title I Reading program is to provide students with the basic reading and writing skills needed to succeed in their classroom and meet state proficiency levels.

Holy Family is building support for strong family engagement by:

  • Developing and reviewing jointly with parents, a Parent/School partnership letter that outlines the manner in which parents, school staff, and students share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement in meeting state standards. It also communicates the proficiency levels that students are expected to meet.
  • Informing parents of Holy Family Catholic School's status as a school-wide Title I School in writing and/or on the school’s website.
  • Providing an annual informational meeting in which all parents of children who attend Holy Family Catholic School will be invited.
  • Keeping parents informed of their child’s academic progress, through conferences, phone calls, and/or written reports in order to formulate decisions relating to the education of their child.
  • Presenting opportunities for parents to volunteer in the Title I program.
  • Providing parents with specific support strategies and materials, as needed, to help their child with all academic subjects at home.
  • Inviting parents throughout the year (mornings and/or evenings) to participate in the planning, review and improvement of the Title I program. This may include, but is not limited to, establishing how to use parent involvement funds, developing and reviewing the parental involvement policy, and providing opportunities for parents to observe their child at school working within the Title I program.

Home & School Compact


  • Go over my child’s assignments with him/her.  
  • Provide my child with the time to study in a quiet place. 
  • Make sure my child comes to school regularly and is ready to learn.
  • Spend an average of 20 minutes daily reading with my child.
  • I will be held accountable for any Title I property that my child checks out and brings home to use.
  • Participate in parent involvement opportunities.


  • Spend class time paying attention and doing my work.
  • Behave in a manner that models my school pledge’s expectations.
  • Be at school unless I am sick.
  • Be responsible for anything I may take home.
  • Read daily for 20 minutes.

Classroom Teacher & Title I Teacher

  • Provide students with the reading skills they need to succeed in their classroom.
  • Be available for conferences and questions you might have.
  • Be available to help your child at home.
  • Provide regular feedback on your child’s progress.
  • Try to be aware of your child’s individual needs.