Affordable Tuition

Holy Family Catholic School is a financially self-supporting, diocesan-approved, tri-parish Catholic school. HFCS is not directly subsidized by the Diocese of Boise or the local Catholic parishes. This school is established in faith, and through God’s grace; the people who value Catholic education will continue to support the school financially.

Fair Share Tuition & Stewardship

An important part of HFCS’s mission is a commitment to providing a quality Catholic school education to all who seek it, regardless of financial capabilities. Holy Family Catholic School has a Fair Share/Stewardship tuition program which is an opportunity for families to share their time and talents in order to meet their child(ren)’s tuition.

Fair Share is rooted in the long-held principles of justice and honesty and allows all those seeking this education to support HFCS as their financial means allow.  As Christians, our lives are an offering; we sacrificially give to model Christ’s sacrifice.  Fair Share assumes that parents (using faith, prayer, common sense, and honesty) will decide what they can sacrificially give in order to provide a Catholic education for their child(ren).  It assumes that every family will make a maximum effort to support the school and will give the school as much of the cost of their child(ren)’s education as possible.

HFCS believes that this commitment supports the following principles of the HFCS Fair Share/Stewardship tuition program: (1) to make it possible for all children to attend HFCS regardless of ability to pay, (2) to keep tuition for all families at an affordable rate, and (3) to share the cost of education among all HFCS families in an equitable way. Tuition assistance is available based on financial need.

Our parents and students take pride in HFCS for our outstanding academic education and Catholic environment. Please read in their words why HFCS is a special school!

Apply For Tuition Assistance

Holy Family Catholic School’s tuition assistance program is designed to allow families of all financial means the opportunity to pursue an education at Holy Family Catholic School.

  • In addition to submitting an online student application, you must complete an application for financial assistance through our partner company, FACTS.
  • Complete one application per family. FACTS charges a fee for their Grant & Aid application service. Applications are due by April 30th.
  • You will be required to provide supporting documentation such as W2s and tax returns to FACTS by uploading them on their website or bringing them to the school office.
  • Financial Aid applications completed after June 1st for the upcoming school year will be evaluated as funds are available.
  • You must re-apply each year.

Once your application is submitted, you will be asked to schedule a meeting with our principal and our business manager. This meeting is designed to allow you to tell us the story that the financial statements may not, to share with us your process of discerning your pledge and your ideas for sharing talent and time with Holy Family Catholic School.

To schedule this meeting, please utilize this link:

After June 1st of each year, the HFCS Stewardship Committee convenes to discuss applications for financial assistance. This committee provides guidance to the principal and the business manager in the distribution of available funding.

If you are interested in applying to HFCS and are concerned about the financial commitment, please consider applying for tuition assistance. If you have any questions, please call the school at 208-765-4327 and talk to our principal, Sue Styren.