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What is Parents in Education (PIE)?

PIE is a group of parents, staff, and community members that make up Holy Family, comparable to PTO/PTA programs at other schools. The purpose of PIE is to support the mission and operation of Holy Family by providing communication and volunteer assistance, building community among our families, and supporting our staff in their work with our children. We take a lead role in organizing school projects and events, including fundraising and finding volunteers. In past years, we have given money to teachers, put on events such as Christmas and Mardi Gras celebrations, and have taken the lead on staff appreciation activities.

Volunteer involvement is priceless to a school’s success and sense of community. If you’re a parent, employee, community member, or all three, you’re already considered a member, and we invite you to become involved! We meet monthly and always look for enthusiastic people with fresh ideas and a love for Holy Family!

Ten Reasons to Fall in Love With PIE

  • It’s nice to be “in the know” on what’s going on, not just in the classroom but in the school and surrounding parish communities.
  • Evening meetings! When you work full-time, it’s hard to feel involved with the day to day life of the school community, especially with so many activities and events during the day.
  • Build relationships with like-minded families.
  • Get to know talented and dedicated staff!
  • Form a deeper and more meaningful connection with Holy Family as a community.
  • Use your time and talents to help improve my children’s educational experience.
  • Have a voice in what is happening at Holy Family.
  • Discuss or share your visions for the future.
  • Set a good example about the importance of both education and stewardship to your children.
  • It's incredibly rewarding and a lot of fun!

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All Holy Family parents can be Parents In Education (PIE) members. We are blessed to have a very active PIE with many volunteers and social and fundraising events.