Competitive Sports at HFCS

Holy Family Catholic School is proud to have competitive sports teams. Hawk Pride runs strong through all levels of the HFCS sports programs.

  • Basketball boys & girls (Grades 3 – 8)
  • Cross Country girls & boys (Grades 1 – 8)
  • Volleyball girls (Grades 6 – 8)

“Those who are part of the sports world exemplify virtues such as generosity, humility, sacrifice, constancy, and cheerfulness,” Pope Francis wrote in a letter that was released with the document. “Sport is a very rich source of values and virtues that help us to become better people.”

Pope Francis

Here at Holy Family Catholic School, we provide an excellent after-school sports program with fantastic volunteer coaches and athletes who strive to grow and learn together while playing a sport they love. Our sports program is inclusive, competitive, and structured to develop successful young athletes – both on and off the fields of play.

We are proud to be Hawks while participating in the Spokane Diocese, Mountain Christian, and Hayden Park and Recreation competitive leagues. Our coaches, athletes, and spectators strive to live like Jesus when interacting with one another, opposing teams, and officials.


HFCS believes that all students who desire to play sports are welcomed onto our teams; winning is not our primary goal, although we strive to develop skills so that the students can compete reasonably in their grade levels.  Our primary purpose of extracurricular sports is to develop the whole child in spirit, mind, and body through their participation in our athletics program.

Our sports program requires an additional fee for each athlete. Any family not able to pay the fee can apply for a waiver; no student will be turned away due to his/her ability to pay. All coaches are volunteers and are in compliance with the Safe Environment requirements from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise.

We encourage all students, parents, and staff to attend games and cheer for our Hawks. We look forward to seeing you there! GO HAWKS!

Sue StyrenPrincipal

Fundraising for Athletics

Our athletics program is supported through fees that families pay for participation. In addition, we fundraise for the athletic program through our concessions program.

Parents and businesses are encouraged to participate in our Aces for Academics and Bucks for Buckets programs. These are pledge programs where participants donate money based on the number of ace serves in volleyball and the number of free throws in basketball. These funds also support our sports program.

Coach and Volunteer

Our sports program would not be possible without our coaches’ and volunteers’ support and dedication. These individuals profoundly impact our student-athletes. Our volunteers are not professionals; they are people who believe passionately in providing athletic opportunities for our students.

We always need volunteers to help coach, organize, support, and guide our youth. We have volunteer opportunities if you have a passion for youth and athletics! Please get in touch with HFCS at [email protected] for more information. We cannot offer our athletic program without volunteers!


HFCS proudly offers competitive basketball programs for girls and boys during winter. Each program provides a 3/4-grade team, a 5/6-grade team, and a 7/8-grade team. The younger grades participate in the Hayden Park and Recreation Competitive League, while the 7/8-grade teams participate in the Mountain Christian League. The basketball program also offers a skills session in the fall for grades 1 through 5 for any student interested in learning more about the sport.

Cross Country

The cross country team at HFCS is for 1st through 8th grade students. For beginning runners, the cross-country coaches provide fun and engaging practices to instill a love of running in younger children. For more advanced runners, the program offers challenging skills and routines to take each runner to the next level of achievement.


The HFCS Hawks volleyball team is a fun and spirited team for girls in grades 6 through 8. HFCS volleyball participates in the Mountain Christian League. The volleyball program also offers a skills session in the spring for grades 1 through 5 for any student interested in learning more about the sport.