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Our mission is “to provide excellence in education, spiritually, academically, and physically – for the whole person, thereby nourishing the gifts uniquely given to each by God.”  We strive to achieve this throughout every aspect of our school, from the admissions process to fundraising, from the lunchroom to the classroom, and everywhere in between. We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children; seeking admission to Holy Family Catholic School allows us to work in partnership with you to educate your child in spirit, mind, and body. Read more about what parents describe as the Holy Family Catholic School Difference below.

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Holy Family Catholic School is Catholic, and we believe, profess, and teach the doctrines of the Catholic faith with fidelity to Rome and the Diocese of Boise. In the spirit of Christian charity, we welcome students and families of all faith traditions.

The admissions process allows us to get to know you and your child and enables you to explore and get to know our school. Please take advantage of opportunities to tour our school, meet our staff, and experience the myriad ways that Holy Family Catholic School is uniquely suited to meet your child’s academic, spiritual, and social needs. We welcome questions at any time throughout the process.

The following is our list of what parents describe as the Holy Family Catholic School Difference:

A Community of Faith

The Roman Catholic faith permeates every aspect of our school day: in our academics, in our hallways, in our cafeteria, on our playground—our words and actions are infused with a deep understanding of and love for our faith.

Academic Excellence with Individualization

Academic excellence is the name of the game at HFCS! Our highly-qualified teachers ensure rigor and relevance in classroom activities, direct instruction, group projects and presentations, homework, and all aspects of a student’s academic experience.

Accredited through the WCEA

Accreditation is a rigorous process that allows HFCS to pinpoint its challenges and celebrate our successes! Through this process, we analyze our data, assess our Catholic Identity, evaluate our instruction, and plan for continuous improvement. For more information on WCEA Accreditation, please click here:

Certified Passionate Teachers

All HFCS teachers and administrators are certified for their positions and adhere to the highest standards of educational practice. They maintain current expertise through professional development, independent research, and implementation of best practices. HFCS also requires teachers and administrators to pursue and maintain Catechist Certification through the Diocese of Boise.

Service Learning Integrated in the Classroom Setting

Our Catholic faith calls us to lives of service. HFCS ensures that our students have a variety of opportunities to serve—and to learn the value of service—within their classroom experiences. A few examples include the 2nd-grade penny drive, the 5th-grade marker drive, and the 8th-grade service project with Habitat for Humanity incorporated with their annual class trip. The entire school is involved in supporting Pope St. Pius X Parish’s mission in Honduras. We love to serve!

Public Speaking and Ministry

We don’t just teach the Catholic faith at HFCS; we live it. A part of that life is active ministry through public speaking and reading at Mass, altar serving, music ministry, and more. Students learn confidence—not only in their faith but in themselves—and grow into individuals who are comfortable in front of a crowd and who rise to meet every challenge. In addition, by being active ministers at Holy Mass, our students learn the beauty of our communal prayer and understand the Eucharist as the source and summit of our faith.

Extracurricular Activities

Providing opportunities for growth in spirit, mind, and body is critical to the HFCS mission. One fun facet of this is our competitive sports program. We field teams in cross country, volleyball, and both girls’ and boys’ basketball. GO HAWKS! HFCS is also blessed to have after-school band, choir, and drama opportunities for our students in grades 5-8.

Parental Involvement

From the front office to the cafeteria, you’ll find parents joyfully volunteering and being present for our students throughout the school day. We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children, and we strive to nurture a vibrant partnership between the school and parents, so we all work together in the children’s best interests. In the classroom…after school, coaching sports…even cleaning and vacuuming, our parents are active and engaged team members!

Joyful Classrooms - Hallways - Playgrounds and More

There is no sound quite like the happy laughter of a busy playground! The chatter at lunch, even the intense conversations of student collaboration, all reflect Christ’s joy and love. We want our students to feel safe and loved and experience joy daily!

No Child Turned Away Due to Financial Constraints

Tuition is expensive, and there are many free options available. Why choose HFCS? We believe in the HFCS difference, and our commitment to God and our students means that we will never turn students away based on their family’s ability to pay tuition. Tuition is a sacrifice on the part of every family that we honor by ensuring that HFCS provides excellence in education—both spiritually and academically—every day. We have a vibrant financial assistance and stewardship program with generous donors who help us to offer scholarships and grants. If HFCS is right for your family, please don’t let finances interfere! We’re here to help you.

The HFCS Difference

Parents select Holy Family Catholic School for their child(ren) for a variety of reasons. We believe that our dynamic Catholic identity, excellent academics, and closely knit community provides an educational experience that sets us apart from other schools in the community.

Our students see the importance of commitment, hard work, and community involvement. They leave our doors knowing they can make a difference in the world, but it is their duty and responsibility to enact the positive changes the world needs. By sending your child to Holy Family Catholic School, you can be assured that your child is academically prepared. We teach facts that require memorization and critical thinking skills; we teach students how to think and learn and instill in them a love for lifetime learning.