Words Can Inspire

Dear HFCS Friends and Families,

Words, we use them everyday and they are so powerful. Our children use them, sometimes words we wish they would not use, other times words that bless our being. The bible cautions us to avoid needless words. We should limit our words to those that are true, to those that are kind. Our lives are filled with words. Conversations with friends, family, co-workers, clients, children and those we read on the news and social media explode through our days.

Words go far to tear down institutions and people and they can mean the world to build up confidence and change the perspective of any day. Together we can build up our community through the words we share. I wish for you the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ. That you may find friendship and fellowship within our beautiful community.

This Lent, let us not miss those important opportunities for silence and contemplation. Periods of silence help to create havens where we can prepare to fully hear God’s word. This season of Lent gives us an opportunity to tune out the noise and embrace moments of silence, resting in God’s Holy Word.

Blessings to you and yours especially during this holy season.

Pax et bonum,

Sue Styren, M.Ed.


Ps – 2nd Trimester Parent Teacher Conferences are optional. Please see your child’s teacher for information regarding signing up for a conference if you need to speak with them. Parents are always welcome to request a conference at any time. As we move into the third and final trimester of the year let’s encourage our children to shine their brightest.