Faith & Service

At the very heart of Holy Family Catholic School is our devout commitment to the Roman Catholic faith.  We are a school within the Diocese of Boise and are in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church.  Our Catholic identity is a key component of our student – and family – experience.  From Morning Opening Prayer all the way through our all-school Closing Prayer, faith is integrated into all curricular areas and is a focal point of every day.

Mass is celebrated every Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. Our Masses are celebrated by our affiliated priests: Fr. Sleeva Madanu from St. George’s in Post Falls, Fr. Arogyam Madanu from St. Stanislaus & St. Joseph in Rathdrum & Spirit Lake, Fr. Len MacMillan from Pope St. Pius X in Coeur d’Alene, and Fr. Remigius Ihim and Fr. Anthony Nnodim from St. Thomas the Apostle in Coeur d’Alene. All are welcome to join us for Mass!

We pray the Rosary together as a student body on the first Friday of every month.  Students learn to lead prayer through this Rosary time, through their ministry opportunities at school Masses, and through many experiences throughout the Liturgical year.  Some special celebrations include:  our Back-to-School Mass, Veterans’ Day, Advent, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday & Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Sacramental celebrations, and much more!

We Serve Our Community!

HFCS believes that service is an important component of living out our faith.  Students participate in all-school service projects, classroom service projects, and individual service projects.  Our middle school students are required to seek out service opportunities for their religion classes; each year of middle school requires increased numbers of independent community service hours.

We also participate in service outreach opportunities sponsored by our affiliated parishes.  We partner with St. Vincent de Paul, which is an outreach program for St. Thomas the Apostle, we have sent school supplies to a mission in Honduras in collaboration with Pope St. Pius X, and we gather food for the food bank sponsored by St. George’s.

Parish Partners

Our four affiliated parishes work in partnership with HFCS to fulfill our mission to promote excellence in education, both spiritually and academically, for the whole person.

Catholic Identity

HFCS is passionately Catholic. Click here to learn more about how we integrate our faith into every part of our school day!