Slaying Dragons

Dear HFCS Families & Friends,

Today is the feast day of Saint George, the patron saint of our Post Falls Parish. One legend about Saint George has left him with the nickname “Saint George the Dragonslayer.” The Golden Legend relates that Saint George rode in on horseback, slew the dragon, and converted the entire town to the Catholic faith, with about 15,000 men receiving baptism.

Though the story is clearly fictional, it has provided inspiration for generations, especially to soldiers in war. Some have interpreted the dragon in the story as the devil and have seen Saint George’s slaying of the dragon as an indication of the power of his intercession. The legend, then, can be seen as a parable, meant to encourage Saint George’s intercession when confronting the worst of evils.

As we honor Saint George, today, don’t hesitate to call upon his intercession. If you struggle with any “dragon” in your life—any evil, or suffering that seems unbearable—then especially turn to this greatly venerated saint, and trust that he will intercede for you, just as he has throughout history.

There are many ways Christ asks us to battle evil and serve our communities. As we serve others we grow closer to Christ. There are great opportunities through our parishes and outlying communities for adults and children to come together in faith. Please be sure to read your parish bulletins regarding retreats, classes, and summer camps/workshops, etc.

Congratulations to our students that received their First Eucharist at St. Thomas this past weekend. It is wonderful to watch these young saints in training as they grow in the faith.

Pax et bonum,

Sue Styren, M.Ed.