Welcome October

We learn love from loving people. They reveal God’s love in human form. May we be grateful for this and let this process continue in and through us.

Dear HFCS Community,
It is a COLD week in North Idaho! I was really taken off guard by the snowstorms this weekend. I would like to welcome Lizzie Schirmer to our HFCS staff! Lizzie is going to help Mrs. Tweedy with after school child care. We’re so grateful to have you as a part of our team! Thank you to all of you who are praying with us for our SUCCESS Phonathon! Please continue to keep our SUCCESS campaign in your prayers. In addition, we have a lot of traveling this week. We would all appreciate your prayers for safe travels and for our experiences to be inspirational and encouraging. Have a wonderful week!

In the peace of Christ,
Bridgit Arkoosh