Faith In Action

Last week I was in Boise attending Principal meetings, touring other Catholic school campuses, and virtually attending the Catholic Educators Conference. The week was filled with information, collaboration, and creative new ideas on challenging ourselves to be ministers in our communities. The keynote speaker, Juliana Stanz, message was moving. Start with Jesus, start each moment with that conscious awareness of Jesus. It seems so simple, yet how often is it overlooked.

“Evangelization happens in one-on-one moments that are not planned or scripted. We might not be comfortable thinking that evangelization happens outside the parish, but it does, and it should! Evangelization aims at transforming hearts (internal change) and the world (external change). Too often, people think that going door-to-door and preaching on street corners are the only ways we can evangelize. But there are many ways that Catholics can evangelize. In Evangelii Nuntiandi, Pope Paul VI writes that evangelization includes the following: • catechesis • preaching • liturgy • sacraments • popular piety • witness of the Christian life • mass media • personal contact Evangelization seeks to transform the world one person at a time. You might be asking yourself, Where do I start with evangelization? You begin with yourself and then move to those closest to you, such as your family and friends.” – Juliana Stanz

From Bishop Peter Christensen in his opening prayer:

I will lead the blind on a way they do not know;
by paths they do not know I will guide them.
I will turn darkness into light before them,
and make crooked ways straight.
These are my promises:
I made them, I will not forsake them. (Isaiah 42:16)

We can evangelize through our active participation in our faith communities. Through our participation in HFCS and parish activities and by volunteering. The model of faith in action is a wonderful gift with which to provide our children.

Learning About Christ

“Christ is at the center of everything we do at Holy Family Catholic School, from starting and ending our days in communal prayer to exploring how our Catholic Faith reveals itself in all subjects through the works of the great heroes of our faith, saint scientists, and faith filled literature. Learning about Christ and cultivating Christ-like leaders in our students and staff makes Holy Family a unique and precious gift to our Catholic parishes and our community.”

Mrs. Styren – Principal