The Arts & Music

Holy Family Catholic School’s mission statement calls us to “promote excellence in education for the whole person.”  This means that we need to look beyond mathematics and grammar; we need to provide a well-rounded education in arts, music, technology, and much more.

The Arts

Our art program is multi-faceted; students are exposed to the works, lives, and influences of the great masters while simultaneously developing individual artistic skill and aptitude.  Students are given opportunities for arts and crafts frequently in the classroom.  Our dedicated art program occurs every other week and is a wonderful outlet for student creativity and foundation for artistic development.


Music is offered once weekly.  Students develop a love for and understanding of music, including theory, reading music, basic instruments, singing in unison and in harmony, and musical performance.  In fourth grade, students are introduced to playing the recorder; starting in fifth grade, students can participate in the school choir.  The music department presents two major productions throughout the year:  the all-school Christmas program and the all-school Spring Concert.

Extracurricular Activities

HFCS offers a variety of after school activities, including athletics, sports skills, Run for Fun, band, and competitive Lego League.

A Day in the Life

Would you like to preview the HFCS experience?  Walk alongside our students for a day to see what makes Holy Family special.