A Day In The Life

Students are welcomed in to the school building at 7:50 am and congregate together for Morning Opening at 8:00 am.  Elementary and Middle School students have separate Morning Opening procedures, but both include daily prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and time to reflect upon the Scriptures’ message to us for the day.  From Morning Opening, the day starts in the classrooms!

Students study Religion, Language Arts (Reading and Writing), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Handwriting and Keyboarding, and Technology.  The tenets of our Catholic faith are infused throughout every curricular discipline, throughout every classroom, and throughout every interaction with students.  Our Catholic Identity is critically important to our mission and our philosophy of education.

At Holy Family Catholic School, students will experience hands-on activities, direct instruction, exploration and experimentation, projects and research papers, and much more.  We strive to craft each lesson to engage, inspire, and excite each student about his/her educational experience.  We believe that homework and handwriting–although often passe in other schools–are critical components to a well-rounded education.  Homework is expected at an approximate 10 minutes per night/per grade level.  In other words, a sixth grader would be expected to complete 60 minutes of homework each night.  Handwriting is an important facet of learning and students are expected to master both print and cursive script throughout their tenure at HFCS.

Older classes buddy up with younger classes on a regular basis for projects, experiments, field trips, and camaraderie.  Eighth grade buddies help Kindergartners make rosaries and explore science experiments; fourth grade buddies go with the preKindergartners to visit the Renaissance community’s residents.  Our elementary schoolers look up to the middle schoolers, emulate them, and await the day that they, too, can be the leaders of the school.

HFCS develops students who are confident and capable public speakers.  As early as Kindergarten, students are prepared to read at Mass and speak publicly using a microphone.  We pray together all day, but our end-of-the-day prayer is led by a fifth grade student who reads the prayer and any announcements over the PA system daily.  Holy Family’s curriculum, activities, and expectations nurture students who excel in public speaking and who participate in various performances throughout the year.

Middle school leadership is important at HFCS and is formally embodied by the Student Council.  The Student Council strives to represent the entire student body’s ideas, suggestions, and desires while fostering school spirit, planning events (including Catholic Schools Week), and leading through service.  Tenure on the Student Council is through popular student and teacher vote and is open to all middle schoolers.

Uniform Policy

All HFCS students are required to wear uniforms per the guidelines established in our Uniform Policy.

School Handbook

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