Message From the Principal – Lent – The Power of Positive Prayer

Dear HFCS Families,

My first year as a Catholic Educator I taught third grade. As we moved closer towards Lent, I struggled with how I would prepare my students for this important Liturgical Season. I settled on preparing for the Tridium as an athlete prepares for competition. Hence stepping up our prayer life, almsgiving, and sacrifice. In order to make this more appealing to my third graders, we took a look at the positive side of all these faith workouts. Hence, I get to spend more time chatting with God! I get to help others! I get to do something nice for someone else! Putting a positive spin on the season worked not only for the Lenten Season but it carried over throughout the rest of the year. Parents, as the primary educators of our children, have the noble duty to help build that personal relationship with Christ for our families. I encourage you to team up as a family and develop your own positive Lenten Workout to make this Lent your best yet.

Tomorrow, we will all begin our Lenten journey of 2023. Let us all take this time to prepare ourselves for that journey. A road map, if you will, guiding us through increased prayer, sacrifice, and almsgiving. If you don’t have a plan, it is hard to reach a goal. And in so doing become closer in our relationship with Christ.


Pax et bonum,

Sue Styren, M.Ed.