Message From the Principal – He Looked Up and Saw Him

Dear HFCS Friends and Families,

Who among us has not felt like Zacchaeus, from the Gospel of St. Luke this morning? Who hasn’t felt at some point that they weren’t good enough or worthy enough? “Because Zacchaeus worked hard and risked embarrassment to see Jesus, Jesus saw him and did not pass him by. In the best sense, Zacchaeus stood out to Jesus, and Jesus connected with him.” We are reminded in the Gospel today that we need to risk ourselves in order to grow closer to Christ. Being a Christian is not always the easy thing to be but the tenets of our faith will keep us on the right path as we move forward in life.

Thank you to all in our community that continue to support our efforts in faith formation and education here at HFCS, through our SUCCESS Campaign, volunteering, and prayers. Thank you especially to the Knights of Columbus, St. Thomas the Apostle, who generously donated to our school this week. Your faith in our mission is appreciated.

The beginning of November is often the start of the “holiday season.” For many parents, this is a time of tremendous stress, as you scramble to prepare for family gatherings, and squirrel away the coveted Christmas gifts. This time of year can be very secular in nature and while that should not be the focus, it is difficult to avoid getting caught up in the frenzy of toy lists and children’s expectations. But it is also a time of renewing faith, recognizing heroes in our community and of the Church. We look at how we can express our gratitude and thanks for the many blessings God has given us.

In this season of gratitude, I pause and consider the importance of the families that create our school community. Your commitment to the faith and educating your child in a faith-filled environment is vital to the sustainability of our Diocesan Catholic school and local parishes. It is through the parents and families that children embark on a rich and vibrant faith journey. I thank you for your continued presence in our school community, understanding the choices and sacrifices that are made to partake in a Catholic education.

May you and your family enjoy a blessed Thanksgiving, filled with the abundance provided from our Creator. Take the time to reflect on the greatest blessings of children, family, and friends. As Zacchaeus was grateful that Jesus looked up and connected with him, let us all connect in gratitude for our faith and each other.

Pax et Bonum,

Sue Styren