Message From the Principal – Family SUCCESS Together

Dear HFCS Community,

“My mother and my brothers are those who hear the word of God and act on it.” Luke 8:21

How does this happen? It happens when we “hear the Word of God and act on it.” It’s that simple. Fr. Len in his homily at our school mass today helped us to understand more fully the Mass. As he explained it, in the Gospel – we stand – to indicate that we are entering into a covenant with God. We are invited to enter the family of Jesus in a deep, personal and profound way as we listen to the word of God and then act on it.

When God speaks, His words are powerful and transforming. And acting on His words will change our lives.

At Holy Family Catholic School, we are a family and we have the opportunity to act as a family in support of one another as God asks us to do. The SUCCESS program helps to ensure that everyone in our family may have the opportunity to avail themselves of a Diocesan Catholic education if they so wish – no matter the ability to pay. Success is building the foundation on which our students, our children, can become the moral and ethical leaders of tomorrow. Success is our stepping stone to the future and investment in children and their contributions to our world and our communities.

We hope that you think of HFCS during your family prayer and how your gift of time, as a volunteer, and treasure, donating to the SUCCESS campaign will strengthen our community and become an investment in our childrens’ future.

Lord, I accept Your invitation to become a member of Your intimate family. May I hear Your voice speak and act upon all that You say. Jesus, I trust in You.


God bless you and keep you safe.

Pax et Bonum,

Sue Styren