Full In-Person Learning Model & Resources

There is still great uncertainty in our world and many unknowns lie ahead.  We are a family here—a family rooted in faith and love—and we can and will face these unknowns together.  God is with us and He will not abandon us.We’re back!  After 11 weeks of distance learning and 6 weeks of hybrid learning, the time to open our doors to all of our students has arrived.  I know we’re in Ordinary time right now, but ALLELUIA!!  This feels like a Resurrection of sorts.

Much of what is written in our Full In-Person Learning Model still holds true; please refer to the attached document as needed during this time of joyful reunion.

2020-21 Full In-Person Learning Model

Read our plan to safely open the school to all students in October.

Full In-Person Learning Model: FAQs

Find answers to your questions about our Full In-Person Learning Model here.

Distance Learning Resources

Need help navigating remote learning?

Counseling & Support

We are here for you during these trying times.