Kootenai County in ORANGE zone

Dear HFCS Community,

On 10/15/2020, Panhandle Health moved Kootenai County to the “Orange Zone” due to increased transmission of COVID-19. The CDA School Board is having a special meeting on Monday, 10/19/2020, to discuss their plans. In the spring of 2020, Holy Family Catholic School followed the lead of the CDA school district; we didn’t know as much about COVID-19 and mitigation strategies and were encouraged by the Diocese to follow the lead of the local school district.  Since then, HFCS has created a COVID-19 task force, trained in contact tracing, and learned much about COVID-19 mitigation strategies.  We have been empowered by the Diocese to make our own decisions, independent of the local school district, based on our community’s needs and numbers.  This led to the HFCS Reopening Plan; an updated copy is posted on our website at https://hfcs-cda.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/HFCS-2020-21-Full-Open-Model-1.pdf.

The HFCS COVID-19 team met after Panhandle Health made its announcement.  We reviewed our plan and our current status and are NOT changing our instructional plan at this time.  We will continue to offer in-person learning at HFCS five days per week.  The team and I will continue to monitor the situation as it applies to our school and will continue to assess the best path forward.  This means that, even if the CDA district returns to hybrid or distance learning plans, we are not at this time.

Please continue your excellent work of keeping our students safe by adhering to social distancing strategies, the mask mandate, and keeping sick children home.  We’re all in this together, and we can keep each other safe if we continue to care for one another through our actions.  I will continue to keep you posted as the COVID-19 situation progresses in Kootenai County and the State of Idaho.

If you have any questions, please email us at office@hfcs-cda.org.  This is our new office email; it is checked daily, no matter who is scheduled to be in the office any given day. Stay safe, HFCS!