HFCS Auction Procurement


Dear HFCS Families:


Mark your calendars! March 10, 2018 is our biggest fundraising night of the year—our annual school auction! Our auction team is already hard at work to make this a wonderful event.  This night is truly an amazing, fun-filled night of epic proportions, and we can’t wait to spend it with our friends, families, and community members! All of the funds raised go towards the HFCS operating budget and help keep your tuition costs affordable.  But, we can’t do it without you. It is up to ALL of our HFCS families to help us reach our goal of raising $140,000!


Each family is required to procure at least $120 worth (FMV) of items, services, or cash donations for our auction. In this packet you will find ideas for donations that are typically popular at auctions. Please take a minute to read over the packet and then:


1.      START NOW! 

2.      Keep a Procurement Form with you wherever you go.

3.      Write your name on the “Procured By” line to receive credit.

4.      Let businesses know we are a non-profit school and their donation is tax deductible.

5.      Businesses will more likely say “yes” to giving a donation face-to-face rather than over the phone or through email.

6.      Please try to procure one large item or several related items that can go together in a basket.

7.      New and unused items only, please!

8.      If there is an expiration date for an item, please ask to have the expiration date timed from the date of the auction, March 10, 2018. For example: if the item expires in one year, the expiration date would be March 10, 2019.

9.      Ask yourself, “Is this item something I would want to bid on?”  If not, please don’t procure it!


You may turn in procurement forms attached to the donated items to the office at any time.  You can find additional forms on the school website—www.hfcs-cda.org—as well as in the office. 


Important Reminders:


·        January 5th- 1st Procurement Deadline - families who turn in by this date will be entered into the $200 Off Tuition raffle.

·        January 5th- “Opt-Out” Deadline - any family not wishing to procure for the auction may “opt-out” for a $150 charge, but you must let John in the Finance Office know by this date. (You will still be eligible for the drawing and free dress passes!)

·        January 25th - 2nd Procurement Deadline - families who turn in by this date will receive 2 “free dress” passes per child to be to be worn on any day of your choice EXCEPT for school Mass days.

·        February 15th - Procurement Deadline - no more items will be accepted after this date.

·        February 15th - Family accounts will be charged $200 or double the remaining balance for items not procured.


Thank you so much for contributing to the auction.  We truly appreciate your help!  If you have any questions please feel free to contact Brittany Arkoosh (509)994-9950/ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  We are looking forward to spending a night of thrills and excitement with you!


Sincerely yours in Christ,

Brittany Arkoosh

Auction Chair