HFCS Reopening Update

Dear HFCS Community,

I really cannot believe that it is the last week of July!  I can’t say that I’m enjoying the super-warm weather, but I am so thankful for the technology that brings us air conditioning! 

We have a lot going on at HFCS, trying to prepare for the new school year and navigate best practices to keep our students, faculty, and staff safe.  This post is intended to give you a brief outline of our plans.  A more complete document is on its way, pending approval from Panhandle Health and the Diocese of Boise.

Although we are hoping to begin the school year fully open on September 2nd, we also must plan for the different scenarios that the pandemic may throw at us between now and then—and beyond.  We have three different educational opportunities that we are planning for the 2020-2021 school year:

  1. Full Open:  A full open schedule will see us in the school every day.  There will be social distancing and hand washing protocols in place and we will be adhering to the Panhandle Health mask mandate.  I do not foresee students wearing masks all day; only when they cannot be safely socially distanced.  Teachers will be asked to structure their classrooms so that students can work at their desks without masks.  Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols will be in place.
  2. Hybrid Open:  A hybrid schedule will have students physically in the school building on alternating days.  Families will be assigned to “A” days or “B” days.  On your designated days, your students will attend school physically while the other group works at home.  Teachers will live stream classes daily for students working at home.  Specials will be on the days students are physically at school (so both A and B groups will have music and PE on their days at school).  Social distancing, masks, cleaning protocols, etc., will still be in place.
  3. Distance Learning:  This option can happen for two reasons:  1) The school is closed for a short time pending a COVID investigation and/or due to uncontrolled community spread and 2) if parents/guardians are uncomfortable with the physical risks at HFCS and wish their students to attend HFCS virtually.  Teachers will be live stream classes daily for students who are at home, whether for quarantine or by choice.

Right now, we all have a part to play in making the school year a success.  Our children will follow our leads and need to know that—while this isn’t a perfect situation—it is the scenario under which we are allowed to be together again!  We all have to sacrifice a little to make HFCS a safe place for us all.  Please practice mask wearing and handwashing hygiene with your child(ren) before the start of the school year.  

All of these precautions are really a social work of mercy:  we are trying to not only stay safe ourselves, but also to keep those around us healthy and safe.  There are many diverging views and opinions; I am confident that we can come together as a community and do what’s best for our children and our school.

Please take care and stay safe!

Many blessings,

Bridgit Arkoosh, Principal