Scrip Gift Cards

Let's Go Shopping!

Scrip is one of Holy Family’s major fundraisers; we require that every family earns $150 in profit from June 1-May 31 each year.  Your participation in this program does not cost you anything extra. You simply purchase scrip gift cards to use at the places you already shop: grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, and department and specialty stores.

Scrip is available to purchase in the school office and through the weekly Family Packet.  Scrip is also available to purchase at St. George’s, Pope St. Pius X, and St. Thomas parishes after most weekend Masses.  Scrip can also be conveniently ordered in real time on your phone using the RaiseRight app; click the “Mobile Scrip” button below for instructions on how to sign up.

SCRIP Tidbit

An average-sized family spends $100 a week at the grocery store — or about $5,000 a year.  Our school receives 3 – 4 % from grocery stores in our area.  Over the course of the year, our school makes up to $200–or 4% of $5,000 just from one family’s grocery bill. Start buying scrip today and see how you can make a difference!