Safe Environment Training

The Diocese of Boise and Holy Family Catholic School are committed to ensuring that our students, staff, volunteers, and families are safe at all times.  It is our moral, legal, and ethical responsibility to ensure a safe environment for the education of our students, and we take this responsibility very seriously.  All parents, grandparents, or other adults who wish to volunteer at Holy Family Catholic School must complete the Diocese of Boise Safe Environment Training and pass a Diocesan background check.  The Safe Environment training must be initially completed through a face-to-face class and then annually renewed online.  The background check must be renewed every five years.  There is a fee for the background check; this fee is the responsibility of the volunteer.  Thank you for helping us keep our children safe!

How to get Started:

1.  Register on CMG Connect and you may follow this link for directions: CMG Instructions

2.  Attend a face-to-face safe environment training session.  The sessions last approximately two hours.  Training schedules are posted on CMG Connect, advertised in the Family Bulletin, and available in the parish bulletins.  If you can’t find a training, please call the HFCS office for assistance:  208-765-4327.

3.  Give permission for a background check to be completed by the Diocese.  Your information stays confidential.  The background check form will be distributed to you at the face-to-face Safe Environment training.  You are responsible for associated fees.  The background check needs to be renewed every 5 years.

4.  Submit appropriate driver forms if you are planning to drive on field trips.  The driver form is available on the school website as well as the HFCS office. 

5.  You will receive notification from the school when you are cleared to volunteer and when you are cleared to drive.  Until you receive this notification, you are not cleared.

6.  Annually renew your safe environment training through the Diocesan online platform, CMG Connect.  Follow this link for directions:  CMG Instructions