Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

HFCS provides a school parking/traffic flow plan at the beginning of the school year. HFCS expects all parents to observe the guidelines of the plan and/or its amendments. To help ensure the safety of all children and to permit an easy flow of traffic, HFCS expects parents to observe the following rules when bringing children to and picking them up from school.

Speed Limits

Observe school zone speed limits (5 mph in parking area)

Traffic Flow

Follow traffic flow. DO NOT PARK at the curb to drop off or pick up students and DO NOT leave your vehicle.

Cell Phone

Do not talk on cell phones in or near our parking areas.

Do Not Leave Vehicle

Once children are picked up, please keep them in the cars. For safety reasons, parents should not allow students to leave their vehicles once picked up.

Parental Supervision

Do not leave students in a car in the parking lot with the engine running or with keys in the car.

Escort Younger Students

Younger students who need to walk through the parking lot must be escorted by the hand.

Carpool Policy

Only parents arrange carpools. For convenience only, HFCS keeps a copy of your carpool on file in the school office. It is, however, the parent’s responsibility to let their child(ren) know who will be picking them up on any given afternoon. If there is a change in a child(ren)’s pickup, the classroom teacher should be notified in writing. This will eliminate any confusion for your child and the school staff at the end of the day.

After School Planning

All after school plans should be made prior to and outside of school. Students are not to come to the office to phone home and make after school plans.