Celebrating Our Students

Dear HFCS Friends and Families,

A parent recently inquired, “My child keeps talking about Hawk awards; what are they?” When students are observed demonstrating the Schoolwide Learning Expectations, they may receive a Soaring Like a Hawk recognition card that looks like an oversized business card. Students bring the card to my office and place a ticket in a special jar. Each month a ticket is selected. These students’ are announced, and they are awarded a prize.

Now you might ask, what are the Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLE)? Every morning our students recite the school pledge that embodies our SLEs. In brief, students are expected to be Christ-centered, active learners and empowered disciples, living the school mission at all times. I am delighted to announce that many students receive Soaring Like a Hawk recognition each month. I am so proud of the amazing ladies and gentlemen our students are growing up to be as they represent themselves and our school throughout the community.

The theme for Catholic Schools Week 2023 is Academic, Faith, Leadership, Value: Catholic Schools Always Reaching Higher. Across the nation, Catholic Schools will celebrate during the week of January 29. Our school has seen increased enrollment over the past two years; we have been a stronghold of academic and Catholic education for over 25 years! We hope you will join us in celebrating all of our Catholic schools and pray for their continued growth and commitment to quality Catholic education. Watch the bulletin for more information regarding Catholic Schools Week @ HFCS. Please join us in praying that we may continue to spread the Word of Christ through our actions and our devotion to our children, who are the future of the Church.

Living God, open our eyes and grant us the wisdom to discern your presence.

Thank you for never leaving us alone.


Pax et bonum,
Sue Styren, M.Ed.