I hope this note finds you and your family doing well and enjoying our warmer weather. A special good luck and best wishes to our graduating class of 2022. I’m sure our graduates are busily getting ready for their new adventures at high school – we wish them the very best and hope they come back to visit us and share their many successes.

We were blessed the last week of school to have a little more than a dozen of our graduates who have just completed high school come to visit us and take part in the traditional Graduation Walk. These wonderful ladies and gentlemen shared with our students their future plans, the importance of the education they received at HFCS contributing to their success in high school. My eyes filled with tears when Mrs. Bukowski’s son shared his advice for success to our students, “Always keep Christ at the center of your life.” God bless these young people as they pursue college, the military, and entrepreneurship. And thank you for sharing time with us.

A team of HFCS educators just returned from New Orleans where we spent the last 5 days collaborating with teachers from all over the world. It was an amazing whirlwind of discovery at the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE), made possible through grant funding. We are excited to share what we learned and open discussions on how we can continue to improve student learning, support social and emotional growth, and empower our children to be Catholic leaders as they move forward in life. It was a blessing to see Mass being held at the convention center Sunday morning when we first arrived to gather our badges. A little unconventional setting for a well needed opportunity to gather with other Catholic educators at ISTE.

You are all in our prayers as we move through this lovely summer.

Pax et bonum,

Sue Styren