Holy Family Catholic School is proud to have competitive sports teams; we believe that participating in athletics is beneficial to the athlete in spirit, mind, and body.  Healthy competition allows students to grow in physical strength, teamwork ability, and appreciation of the gifts uniquely given to each athlete by God.

HFCS believes that all students who desire to play sports are welcomed onto our teams; winning is not our primary goal, although we do strive to develop skills so that the students are able to compete reasonably in their grade levels.  Our primary goal of extracurricular sports is to develop the whole child in spirit, mind, and body through his/her participation in our athletics program.

Our sports program requires an additional fee for each athlete.  Any family not able to pay the fee can apply for a waiver; no student will be turned away due to his/her ability to pay.  All coaches are volunteers and are in compliance with the Safe Environment requirements from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise.

Our sports offerings include:

  • Run For Fun (Grades Pre-K – 8th)
  • Cross Country girls & boys (Grades 1st – 8th)
  • Basketball girls & boys (Grades 3rd – 8th)
  • Volleyball girls (Grades 5th – 8th)
  • Summer Volleyball Camp girls (Grades 3rd – 8th)
  • Basketball Skills (Grades 1st-5th)
  • Volleyball Skills (Grades 1st-5th)

Sports Policies

An essential part of being a good athlete is also being a good student. All our athletes are required to maintain high academic achievement, as measured by grades and classroom participation, demeanor, and deportment.

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