Taryn League
Instructor, Gonzaga Prep

I am truly blown away by the respectfulness of your students and how they respond to the staff. They are courteous and patient. As a teacher I can see classroom management techniques at their finest. You have kids who respond well to your high expectations. HFCS is clearly a school with a vibrant, supportive community and a very professional faculty.

Tony Delio
HFCS Grandparent

My wife Sherry and I have been associated with HFCS for the better part of the past 10 years. Over that time we have been impressed with both the quality of education and the dedication by the administration and faculty. Their positive attitude and willingness to always put the students’ needs above all else is evident in the quality of the student body. 

Emma A.
HFCS Student

Holy Family is one of the best schools ever! Everyone from the teachers to the parents help out. We are all very close. We have a good time in class, too; the lessons are challenging and fun. I’m super thankful for HFCS.

D.J. & Tanya Cavanaugh
HFCS Parent Alumni

We have been a part of Holy Family Catholic School for many years. It truly takes a village to help raise and form our children into Christ-like individuals. That village is the staff, teachers and the many parents that are involved with this school. The support, academics and learning environment are amazing. Although our time has come to an “educational” end, we will always be family.

Father Timothy Ritchey
Pastor, St. George’s Parish

Each year that I spend in North Idaho, I realize more and more what a great blessing Holy Family Catholic School is for our whole community. Our tri-parish school gives every child the opportunity to receive an education where faith is integrated into every piece of our high-quality academic program. Our children are the future of our Catholic faith; Holy Family Catholic School nurtures students’ faith, embraces families, and promotes academic excellence.

Jason & Diana Deegan
HFCS Parents

Holy Family has been a Godsend. The teachers and staff have proven to be caring educators who are attentive to our kid’s needs and passionate about the Lord – all the things we desired when selecting a school. When our children started at HFCS we were new to the area, having moved from out of state. They quickly accepted us as family and we’ve made many friends amongst the other parents and staff. Most importantly, our children are getting a fundamentally sound education with a Christian worldview, which is preparing them to handle the temptations they will face in high school and beyond. 

Al Falkner
Former President, Gonzaga

We are extremely impressed with the students who enter Gonzaga Prep from Holy Family Catholic School. They are well-prepared for our rigorous college preparatory curriculum and consistently qualify for honors courses here. They are not only prepared academically, but also bring skills in leadership, faith and service to others. They are well-rounded individuals who contribute greatly to our school community.

Samuel Anderson
HFCS Student Alumnus

I like to compare HFCS to a family cabin, where everyone is welcome, lessons are learned, and memories are made. I am continually inspired by our dedicated priests, tireless parent volunteers, and even many of my fellow students. My Catholic education from HFCS will influence me for the rest of my life. 

Piper V.
HFCS Student

I like Holy Family because the teachers are kind and generous. Also, band has been a fun new class in 5th grade!

Dan Nicklay
Principal, Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy

Students who come to the Academy from Holy Family are consistently well-prepared and hardworking. They fit well in our culture of high academic and behavioral standards. I believe this to be a reflection of an excellent program.