HFCS Handbook

In our mission statement, Holy Family Catholic School pledges to “promote excellence in education—both spiritually and academically—for the whole person, thereby nourishing the gifts uniquely given to each by God.  This mission will be fulfilled through a covenant with the whole faith community.”  To fulfill a part of this covenant, HFCS publishes an annual handbook.   This handbook is a guide—for parents, for students, and for staff—to ensure that we are working together in the best interests of the students throughout the school year.

HFCS Handbook

Parental Covenant & Spiritual Outline

The Parental Covenant and Spiritual Outline are at the very heart of Holy Family Catholic School.  Parental involvement is an integral part of our school philosophy. Thus, we ask all parents to commit to being involved members of our community.   The signed Parental Covenant affirms the parental choice of HFCS for their child(ren) and that each family promises to fulfill certain responsibilities to the school.  The following pages outline those responsibilities and are part of the Parental Covenant.  Failure to fulfill the terms of this covenant may be cause for discontinuing your child(ren)’s enrollment at Holy Family Catholic School.

Preparation of the Spiritual Outline is a prayerful time for your family to come together and discuss ways you live out your faith and seek opportunities for spiritual growth within your family.  We ask that you meet with your Pastor (or spiritual leader) to unite your efforts of spiritual formation to your faith community.  This provides your family an opportunity to discuss your outline and/or ask for any needed guidance.

Print & Sign Parental Covenant & Spiritual Outline

Optional Resource to Help Write a Spiritual Outline

The Spiritual Outline is meant to be an exercise for families to review their spiritual journeys and develop a plan to enhance their journey of discipleship.  We understand that it can be an overwhelming task…so we’ve included a resource developed by HFCS alumni and founding family Mary and Deacon Chris Stewart.  This document is meant to help you as you work through this process, but please remember–there is no “one right way” to complete a Spiritual Outline.  They are as different as we are all unique in our journeys toward Christ.

Spiritual Outline – Optional Resource

Request for Transfer of Educational Records

This form is for applicants who are new to Holy Family Catholic School.  It is important for HFCS to receive these records in a timely fashion!

Request for Transfer of Educational Records

Free & Reduced Lunch

Applications for free or reduced priced school meals are available and can be filled out any time throughout the school year. Children can receive free or reduced price school meals if the total household income is within the limits shown in the letter that is with the application for Educational Benefits. Children in households receiving SNAP, MFIP, and FDPIR benefits and foster children can receive free meals regardless of income.


Childcare Registration

Do you need child care before or after school?  This form is for you!  Registering for child care helps HFCS provide appropriate supervision for students in the child care program.

2020-21 Childcare Registration Form

Asthma Action Plan

Please complete and submit this form if your child suffers from asthma.  This form helps HFCS act appropriately in case of a medical emergency.

Asthma Action Plan

Allergy Action Plan

Please complete and submit this form if your child suffers from severe allergies.  This form helps HFCS act appropriately in case of a medical emergency.

Allergy Action Plan

Medication Request Form

This form is required if you need the office to administer any medication to your child(ren).  Without this form, we are unable to administer medication.

Medication Request Form

Immunization Exemption Form

This form is required if your child has not been vaccinated.  Idaho recognizes three types of immunization exemption:  Religious, Medical, or Philosophical.

Immunization Exemption Form

Bring Your Own Device

If your student has a tablet or computer that he/she would like to bring to school, the following form is required.  Students must abide by all of  HFCS and Diocese of Boise’s technology policies and regulations.

Bring Your Own Device Form

Internet & Technology Use Policy

Technology is ubiquitous and the internet has become a vital tool for education,  However, there are many dangers and temptations available online and HFCS is committed to keeping students safe while still providing appropriate technology and internet access.  Our Internet/Technology Policy shares expectations–and consequences–for technology use.

Internet/Technology Policy

Chromebook Usage Policy


All parents and students are responsible for the information that is contained in the HFCS Sports Policy Packet. There are no active sports at this time.

Please contact the school office with questions at (208) 765-4327.

Sports Physical

Students entering 1st-5th grade will need to have a well-child examination which is good for 2 years. Documentation from the student athlete’s doctor’s office will need to be provided.

Students entering 6th grade will need to have a sports physical that is good through their 8th grade year.  A standard Idaho Health Examination form is provided  here: Sports Physical Form

Sports Liability and Medical Waiver

Concussion Form

Code of Conduct/Policies/Procedures

Code of Conduct

Sports Policy (Will be updated soon)