Kindergarten is a place where students learn that they are made by God and that Jesus is God’s Son, and regularly discuss the importance of living our lives like Jesus.  In our classroom we have a special prayer corner where students can go and spend quiet time in prayer.  Through a variety of enriching activities, students learn about the beauty and importance of the Christmas and Easter seasons.

Kindergarten engages children in literacy through oral language, literature appreciation, and early reading and writing skills.  Through guided practice, field trips, literature, art, music, and stewardship activities, Kindergarten children begin to acquire the socialization skills necessary to function as living examples of Christ-like behavior, both as individuals and as part of a group whether it be the family, school, parish, and/or broader community.  Through guided practice, students begin to develop an understanding of important science concepts, processes and ideas.


  • Prayers:  the Guardian Angel Prayer, Our Father, learning about and praying the rosary
  • Weekly saint study
  • Our textbook:  Allelu! Growing and celebrating with Jesus
  • Circle of Grace


  • Primary focus on counting, recognizing/writing numbers, and development of a strong number sense
  • Variety of hands-on materials and math games
  • Development of early addition and subtraction skills
  • Developmental understanding of math sentences
  • Regular experience with sorting, counting, measuring, and weighing familiar objects and recording data on various graphs or worksheets
  • Our math resource: Origo, Stepping Stones

Language Arts

  • Learn familiarity with books, holding and caring for them
  • Early decoding skills, interpreting illustrations, and following the progress of words left to right
  • Development of listening skills, emphasizing comprehension and phonemic awareness
  • Make predictions, sequence events and recall information from stories
  • Weekly sight words to help boost reading skills
  • Proper pencil grip, proper letter formation, letter names and sounds at the beginning of the writing process
  • Handwriting without Tears
  • By the end of kindergarten, children will begin to use written language to express themselves.


  • Introduction to the scientific
  • Variety of scientific experiments
  • Understand the phases of matter
  • In-depth study of insects through research and observation of the life-cycle of a variety of insects
  • Guest speaker:  entomologist to provide us with a close-up look of insects that live in our local forests

Social Studies

  • Study of past and present society
  • Understanding holidays
  • Beginning understanding to exercise stewardship over resources.


  • Regular use of classroom iPads
  • Introduction to computers in computer lab
  • Emphasis on appropriate technology use, including:  monitor, keyboard, mouse, and icons
  • Students will manipulate the mouse to launch the program and demonstrate effective use of the appropriate tools.

Elementary School

We provide differentiated academic instruction for each child by providing opportunities for emotional, social, physical, and intellectual growth. Weekly visits to the library, the computer lab, music, character, and physical education classes enrich the education of the whole child—spirit, mind, and body.

Middle School

Students embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and change in Middle School. We set high expectations because we believe in our students and their ability to succeed. Our goal is to help them grow, not just as academic students, but as global citizens, independent thinkers, and leaders in faith.