Holy Family Catholic School is a private, tri-parish, Roman Catholic primary school located in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We are proud to be a part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise’s education system. We offer families quality, accredited, and affordable elementary and middle-school education programs from Preschool through 8th Grade.

Our families are at the core of our program, participating in all aspects of our school community. Our teachers and staff understand and promote the distinctive elements of a meaningful Catholic school environment. We integrate the Gospel messages of Jesus and the teachings of our Catholic Church throughout a well-rounded curriculum that promotes both academic and personal growth. In partnership with our parents, we strive to provide an education to our students that is truly Catholic (Universal) and one that prepares them to engage their world with confidence and faith.

We are a community united in one purpose – educating our children!


Parish Leaders supporting a learning environment where children celebrate the richness of our Catholic faith daily.


Educators committing to a ministry to teach as Jesus did:  taking advantage of teachable moments and fostering a deep understanding of the sacred.


Parents willing to roll up their sleeves and take an active role in their children’s education and in the future of Catholic school education.


Community members desiring a choice in education and who are willing to actively support our mission. 


The mission of our Roman Catholic school is to promote excellence in education – both spiritually and academically – for the whole person, thereby nourishing the gifts uniquely given to each by God.

Welcoming all Faiths

In the spirit of Christian unity, Holy Family Catholic School extends a warm and open invitation to families from other religious backgrounds who also desire a quality education for their children.  We are a Catholic school for all children.

Family Partnership

Holy Family Catholic School exists to assist families in their responsibility as the primary educators of their children and to establish a partnership with all participating families.

School Relationship

This partnership is designed to strengthen the relationship between the family, the school, and the Catholic Church (or any other faith community to which the family belongs).

Parental Covenant

This partnership is the heart of the Holy Family Catholic School Parental Covenant, as it is of the life of our whole school.

Partners In Faith

We believe each person to be a child of God and that it is our responsibility to help each one discover a deeper personal relationship with God and with his or her faith community.

Christian Conduct

We strive to educate in a manner which values Christian conduct and consideration for others…in essence, living out the Gospel values as taught through the Roman Catholic Christian tradition.


Holy Family Catholic School is…

  • A regional, faith-based Roman Catholic school dedicated to academic and personal excellence.
  • A place of spiritual and inspirational learning that develops God-given gifts and recognizes the uniqueness of each child.
  • A learning community where students, faculty, staff, and families work in unity to fulfill our covenant relationship with Christ, the church, and each other.
  • A servant community drawn together by gospel values as lived in the Roman Catholic Christian tradition.

We invite you to visit Holy Family Catholic School and experience firsthand our faith driven, academically challenging learning environment.


We strive to educate the whole child. That is, we aim to carefully guide students in their intellectual, physical, social, spiritual, and service pursuits. Our mission is to promote excellence in education – both spiritually and academically – for the whole person, thereby nourishing the gifts uniquely given to each by God.


Enrollment is open to children from all faith traditions, Catholic and non-Catholic alike. Holy Family Catholic School admits qualified students of any race, color, gender, ethnicity, national origin, or disability (if reasonable accommodations can be assumed by the school and parents in partnership).